Holiday Party Inspired by the Ski Slopes in Aspen

Vista Equity HolidaY Party 3

about this event

For these special invites, the client wanted the invitation to mimic the idea of looking through a snowy window into a ski chalet in aspen. The key to tackling this challenge was all in the details! We laser etched and hand painted the chimney, added a flickering fireplace and mantle lights, and we even added the small company logo above the fireplace. A small fur rug added a cozy vibe, and the wood-textured window panes evoked the feeling of being inside a log cabin.We utilized a combination of laser cut paper and gold foil for the invitation itself and wrapped the box in rich brown faux leather to mimic the furniture you would find in a rustic chalet.

The most fantastical

“magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish.” – pinocchio

Have an incredible idea for your next event? Great. The only thing we love more than good design is a good challenge. 

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